Monthly Archives: June 2009

Out and About

Hey internet, don’t fret, there’s stuff going on so I haven’t been posting too frequently.  Thought I’d share a few photos. Pretty much a sketch session with a friend of mine, Craig Coleman,  and enjoying the start of summer.  More art stuff on the way!



These are just quick little sketches of an actual event from my exciting life.  One morning I was greeted in the kitchen with one of the two cats having his head firmly lodged in a mason jar.  Not sure how or why, but I got it out and everything turned out okay.  Funnier now though much after the fact.Gogi's head gets stuckdazed

New Piece, ‘New Eyes’

This piece was hung in the New Kids On The Block Show here in Philadelphia.  It was a showcase of some of the younger talent running wild around here.  The piece itself is pretty small (9 x 11-ish) and done in acrylic  on watercolor paper.  I’ve been incorporating more geometric shapes interacting with figures in my sketchbook.  Really like it, might have something to do with one of my heroes.


acrylic on paper

'New Eyes'

Sketch for Zine/Book

Here is a sketch for a project I’m cooking up on illustrative type.  More stuff to come, I promise.

Sketch for type zine