Monthly Archives: October 2009

‘That Jawn!’ Show

Last night was the opening of the That Jawn! Show at TrickGo boutique gallery.  For those of you not familiar, TrickGo is a clothing company rooted in downtown Philadelphia.  Inspired by the predominately Philly slang word “jawn” the work hung showcased local Philadelphia artists.  Being indicisive about what to put in the show, I ended up making my piece specifically for the show.  It was an attempt at making a sort of PA pride-ish ad (in the picture gallery below its the one on the top-left).

All-in-all, there was a  great turn-out and I am glad to have seen friends and new faces alike.  I didn’t get a chance to take photos of all the work, and my camera doesn’t do a lot of justice, but here are a few pictures from the opening: