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Check Out Anna Goodson’s Blog

This post is art-free (sorry), but there is an Autumn Society show next week so keep checking in. I just felt compelled to share a bit of interweb gold that I myself have stumbled upon. It comes from Anna Goldson who is an management agency with a ’boutique-style’ approach to business. You can check out the AGM website for more info. The post today is from her blog.
“First, I think to become a successful illustrator you have to first of all have talent. To be totally honest, I receive lots and lots of emails from people who want to be illustrators and I can tell right off the back that their work is not good enough. That might sound a bit brutal but its true. No one wants to hurt anyone’s feelings but if you don’t have that initial talent then for sure you wont make it as an illustrator.”
“The reason I say that I am not impressed is that today in our field it is really a buyers market. There are hundred if not thousands of illustrators from around the world competing for work. You have to really stand out and shine if you want to be noticed in today’s market and get work. Clients at the click of their key board can hire the best of the best from around the world. And trust me there is a lot of talent out there.”

More good stuff on the aforementioned blog. Cheers.


The Cosby Show

I’m a little late on this post, but the McJawn Cosby Show went up this month and here are some pic’s:
McJAWN photos
My piece was aFat Albert version of Ganesha.  Not in a mocking way or anything, the image just grew out of my jumbled imagination.  Also,  I didn’t make the name tag and props to Steve S.  for drawing that rad  Cosby-sweater-esque pattern on the wall.