Monthly Archives: December 2009

Holiday Show Photog’s

Thanks to everyone that came out to the show!  It was a lot of fun and showcased a lot of good work and local talent.  Here are some pics I took quickly at the show.  There are pictures of the bands that played, Chicken ate the Dog and The Divine Lorianne.  Looking forward to 2010 and more shows to come!

Chicken Ate The Dog

The Divine Lorraine


Sneak Peek

I just hung a few pieces at Grindstone Cafe with fellow art-jock John Fitzpatrick.  It’ll be up for a little while, but is up for the lovely Patty Crash‘s  Cookie Social.  Look at all this holiday stuff thats going this week (kids, don’t forget about Friday).  This is just a close-up shot of one of the paintings. If you want to see the rest for now you’ll have stop by and check it out.

Spice Revised

I made some revisions to the original design.  Less cartoonish and slightly more elegant.  Its design and palette are minimal and it keeps the linework I enjoyed from before.  Over and out

Holiday Show!

Because who really gets their ‘holiday to-do list’ done early?  So come out to Mew Gallery located at 906 Christian Street (Phila, PA) Friday Dec. 18th!  Check out the work (do some last minute shopping) and stay to watch the live music!  What a way to wrap up your errands and kick-off the festivities!

Spice Catering

This is the first run of some hand-done type I’ve been working on. Its for a local company here in Philly called ‘Spice Catering’. The concept I needed to work out was basically the letters being represented by spices themselves. In case you’re wondering what spices they are it goes saffron, thai chili, clove, ginger root and cinnamon with cardamon leaves. It was fun working with the concept and getting to do some creative lettering.