Monthly Archives: April 2010

Indypendent Illo

I did another illustration for the Indypendent.  This article was about the painfully time-taxing process of immigrant detention.  You can read it here on the site.  And below is the piece I did for it.  As requested, it was in black and white, which is something I am beginning to get into; but in the more graphic sense (stay tuned).  For this piece I wanted to convey the anxiety of time and how in this process particularly it really almost physically is upon you.  An hourglass seemed to carry this concept across.  Cliché? Maybe, I dunno.  I feel like it worked better than the  Justice/Injustice sketches I came up with.  Those ideas have been over-used anyhow.  The figure is a woman because, the narrator is a woman?  No, I just find them harder to draw, and therefore more gratifying when executed.  It may have been easier to just draw a dude, but that’s not my goal.  Not sure if you cared for all those details.  Cheers.


Quick Little Ditty

I drew up a show poster for some friends that are in bands and play music.  I’m not saying you should go, I mean you should, but I drew this up.  A quick little inky number.  Cheers.

The Indypendent

I was asked to do an illustration that is featured for the most recent issue of The Indypendent.  If you haven’t read that online periodical before, The Indypendent is affiliated with the New York City Independent Media Center, which is part of the global Indymedia movement, an international network that is dedicated to fostering grassroots media production.

The article is about the illegal whaling done by Japanese companies in animal protected waters.  It’s a good read, definitely check it out — especially if you haven’t heard too much about this issue before.  You can check out the illo below, but please check out the article.