Monthly Archives: September 2010

Design for Cafe Work Shirts

This is a design for a coffee place that, for right now, will go unnamed.  Anyhow the work shirt design incorporates the cross streets here in Philadelphia if you’re really curious.  Hopefully they’ll be printed up soon so I can share with you the final product.   Cheers!


‘Whoa 3-D’ Show

Hung this at Paradigm Gallery for the Whoa 3-D Show held there last Friday.  It was a nice First Friday event, thanks to all that came out.  The turn-out was great and there were some faces in the crowd  I haven’t seen for a while.  Also, having Jukebox the Ghost play a set was fantastic.

The concept was a quick, trippy drawing of two skulls.  I referenced grizzly bears for the drawing sort of by accident; I really wanted draw a snow leopard to no avail.  If you haven’t stopped by Paradigm yet, you really should.  It is a great space, maybe give them a call sometime and stop by.

Hand-Made Card

I came across these pictures and cannot believe I had forgotten them.  A while back I made a card for one of my cousins full of little anecdotes and pieces of wisdom.  Making things is obviously something  I feel strongly about, but if the object I create develops meaning for another person then that is  true success.  Hopefully that was what I accomplished.  Below are some more pictures.  Cheers!