Monthly Archives: November 2010

To Tell the Tale Show

Recently I did work for a show hosted by Company Policy Apparel at the Studio:Christensen Gallery.  As you can see by the flier above I’m a bit late on the posting.  I thought I lost the few pictures I had, but guess what–I didn’t!  So here they are.

A quick glimpse of the crowd that came out.  The reception was well attended, I got

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Fall / Landings Show

Last week was a little busy.  I hung work in two different shows with openings on the same night.  The above piece is in a group show at The Soapbox (in Philly),  it’s influenced by change, ‘the good/bad & questionable’ kinds of change we experience.  Photo credit to Ms. Stephanie Ricci, whom also had these really awesome light boxes made for the show.

As for the show itself there was  a nice turn out, I’d show more pic’s but I don’t have any, sorry.  My bad.  Other artists were Stephen Aleckna, Astrid Bucio, Rebecca Deorocki, Elizabeth Doherty, Adam Fergurson, Carissa Hudson,  Kaitlin Kerr, Betty Lertdarapong, Matthew Malesky, Caitlin McCormack, Casey Murphy, Matthew Phillips, Joe Pillari, April Read, Stephanie Ricci, Justin Rubich, Emi Savacool, Mike Sgier, Alexander Stanton, Steve Streisguth,  Mallory Weston, and Anni Wilson.  You can check out The Soapbox’s page for images of their work.

I do, however, have photo’s from the show at Studio:Christensen.  Those will be up soon.

Printed Shirt Design

It took awhile but the design I did has been printed for the coffee shop.  I’m not sure where they went to have to work done, I was told someplace in New Jersey.  I recommended a few places in Philly like Awesome Dudes and Fireball, but I guess I wasn’t enough of an influence.  Anyway, they’re done and look pretty good.  Who could complain about that?