Monthly Archives: March 2011


TrickGo is hosting a fairly large show this weekend here in Philly.  They distributed about 50 LP’s and invited artists to basically re-cover the album art.  Among the ranks are two talented friends of mine, Brad Haubrich and Steve Stresiguth.  Here is photo of my contribution for the show.  I never heard of Karla Bonoff before but I read the liner notes and song lyrics, pretty sad stuff.  Betrayal, delusion and self-sabotage were the overall themes I had taken away from it.

That inspired the martyr-esque portrayal with the arrows and halo.  The elephant skeleton has to do with my everlasting obsessions with factoids and flora+fauna.  Elephants mate for life and Karla here is feeling like love is dead. Anyway, I finished this and am almost finished with the Chernobyl Collective Arts zine and the big show we’re having on April 2nd.  Mark your calendars for that too.  Be sure to stop by this show Saturday from 6-10 if you’re in the area.

TrickGo Boutique and Gallery is located at 1135 Pine St. in Philadelphia.