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Froze in Summer

An experiment taken from a sketch book drawing back in August and fleshed out recently.  I might revisit other older drawings since it was fun playing around with this one.


Little Mouse

Did this little piece for a commission last month.  Simple composition of a mouse, as per request.  Mixed media on  8 inch wood panel.  Fun to make, happy to send off into the world.  Cheers!

Quiet Time

I’ve been a little absent from the blog lately.  Now that the Holidays are over things can get back to normal around here.  I have been actively pursuing gallery space for a group show I am co-curating for upcoming April.  We’ve been planning this show for a little over a month now, finally things seem to be falling into place.

new space

Recently moved into different house, different roommates and in a different part of town.  Everything is going well and it’s refreshing to have new spots and things to explore.  here is pic of my advanced ‘air-drying’ system :dryerworking on stuff. . .

desktime for a coffee refill, see you later internet.

Out and About

Hey internet, don’t fret, there’s stuff going on so I haven’t been posting too frequently.  Thought I’d share a few photos. Pretty much a sketch session with a friend of mine, Craig Coleman,  and enjoying the start of summer.  More art stuff on the way!