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Froze in Summer

An experiment taken from a sketch book drawing back in August and fleshed out recently.  I might revisit other older drawings since it was fun playing around with this one.


Children’s Book Illustration Sketches

I came across an ad by the American Youth Literacy Foundation seeking artists.  Being interested, of course, I inquired and was given the info for  the sample sketches.  Now apparently there were 75 artist inquires, but only 12 actual submissions.  Despite my odds improving I was not selected.  I’m not too upset about it.  I really liked having a tight deadline and I’m happy with the sketches I sent in.  One of the sample art themes were “Precocious Porcupines Prepare Powerful Potion”.  This turned out to be the sketch that I enjoyed working on the most and overall.


These are just quick little sketches of an actual event from my exciting life.  One morning I was greeted in the kitchen with one of the two cats having his head firmly lodged in a mason jar.  Not sure how or why, but I got it out and everything turned out okay.  Funnier now though much after the fact.Gogi's head gets stuckdazed