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Jinxed HeArt Show 2011

This is my piece for this years HeArt Show at Jinxed / Toothless Cat Gallery.  I used the shape of the panel to create the form of the subject.  The result being these two barn swallows in a nested embrace.  Inspired by the weather of February and the intentions of Hallmark Holiday (you know, Valentine’s Day).  A little symmetrical, a little sappy, but definitely something I enjoyed doing. More stuff on the way.  If you get a chance come check out the show, cheers!


HeArt Show Preview

As previously posted, Saturday February 13th is the 3rd Annual HeArt Show at Jinxed/ Toothless Cat Gallery. After briefly talking to Mike Supermodel (owner) the other day I can safely say that it should be a good time.  Especially if you’re in the Philadelphia area, since it would be a nice break from drudging about in this snow-apocalypse.  There will be food, drinks and of course a lot of great work.  Here is a studio shot/preview of my contribution to the show:

I wanted to create something that was inspired by the holiday, but not so much that it only makes sense in that context.  Since everyone is given a wooden heart to start with I made the decision to avoid the color red.   And tried to utilize the shape of the ‘canvas’ as opposed to treating it as if it were a regular formatted piece.

As for the image, I wanted something iconic and instantly identifiable and relateable.  Any embrace is inherently close and creates a obvious bond.  Hands holding each other have that association along with that of ‘couples’.  While on another level it operates with the role of support and with the function of prayer.  The title I gave is “Always Protects, Trusts, Hopes & Preserves” and is acrylic on wood.

Back in school I once worked in a studio with friend who would say “you can’t spell HEART without ART, or PAINT without PAIN” with that in mind here is a ‘process photo’.  (It was more fun working on this piece than it may look.)

3rd Annual HeArt Show

Yes, I am one of the (100) Artists invited to show at the 3rd Annual HeArt show by Toothless Cat Gallery /Jinxed Clothing.  Mark your calendars it should be a great show!